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AirBoe is an independently owned stocking distribution company specialising in non-critical plastic parts for aircraft cabin interiors.

At AirBoe we understand the need for a quality, reliable service. Collectively the team has over 35 years of industry relevant experience, with a strong network of connections and additional knowledge. Our team has dynamic and varied experience from a leadership perspective, technical background, in administration and also in logistics. We use this expertise and our previous experiences, applying them to the task at hand this allows us to adapt and overcome situations that arise. Ultimately providing you with a first-class product and service.

AirBoe’s core values are based around offering a unique service. We aim to turn your engineering drawing into a finished product – seamlessly and expertly. You provide us with the details and drawings, and within a given timeframe you will have the option to have initial prototypes or go straight to the final product and then into standard production. We achieve this by consulting and liaising with some of the industry’s leading suppliers and we engage with key individuals who can provide expert advice on concept, design and the manufacture process. Our relationship with these companies and individuals is crucial to our business. We value the strong working relationship we have with every single person involved – no matter what the job title.

Located in the South East of England, with easy access to the many major London airports and courier hubs, we can react quickly to the need for customer visits and can maintain excellent supplier contact. It also enables us to be flexible for the supply of product, having good access to courier network routes and transport networks.

With year on year growth for our business, we can focus on providing outstanding quality products and services for our customers, while fostering the potential and highlighting the possibility of new projects and avenues of business. Please get in touch with us, as we hope you can be part of this!

Eddie Rickenbacker

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